Beef Xian Bing

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These xian bing are so juicy, savory, and flavorful! 


Soak Sichuan peppercorn in water for 30 minutes (at least) to a few hours.

Step 1

Stir the beef mixture ingredients in the same direction until it's sticky. Cover and store it in the fridge.

     Step 2  Make the filling

Mix warm water with salt and flour, form the mixture into a dough ball. Rest for 30 minutes. 

     Step 3  Make the dough

Step 4   Assemble 

Click the link below to see the video tutorial of how to assemble xian bing.

Step 4 Cooking

Pan fry 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden brown.


Click the link below for full recipe, video tutorial and nutritional information!